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A Review of the First Vibrational Hugs Book

By Tânia Braga Guimarães

Vibration. Vibrational. V.I.B.R.A.T.I.O.N. This word is well-known in the quantum and spiritual fields. Everything is vibrating in some sense. Given this basic information, we are able to understand the laws of the universe and how everything works, even ourselves.

We can understand ourselves and our bodies like an awesome Wi-Fi. And everyone that comprehends vibration in this sense is probally working right now to vibrate at higher frequencies. It was interesting to me that, after I had spent many years working on my own vibration, I began to see the Vibrational Hugs page in my notifications on Facebook. Because of my preparatory work, I was able to receive Vibrational Hugs (VHs) like an unexpected gift.

I began to speak with David about his work and his technique. I felt so fine going through all the postings in VH Group on Facebook. I read every posting with an enormous thirst. It was like a public garden that I discovered at random on a walk, or like a a relaxing moment that you give yourself in a spa in the middle of afternoon. But these similes are not sufficient to describe the delightful moments I had in the VH Group.

Then David sent me a short remote transmission of VHs. Here is what I wrote back to him about my energetic experience.

“My experience with the VH energy yesterday at first made me smile, almost laugh. After that I yawned a great deal, and lots of tears came to my eyes from all the yawning. That afternoon I was in a very relaxed mood. After a short nap it was like having no body, no pain, no density. Like resting in the clouds. At night I read a book in a totally creative mood. And late at night I was able to make some big decisions about my professional path—the next steps, very creative. Thank you, David, for all this strong energy. And the pictures and flowers in the VH Group on Facebook are totally alive. It was like being in a garden. I could not stop looking at the colors in the drawings and photos. I wish all these energies could expand to more and more people. Love from Brazil from all the light beings here to you and your family.”

After this first experience with VHs, I went to the book. I have spent my entire life teaching about languages and writing, and I have written many book reviews. But this kind of book was a completely new experience for me. I felt delighted, because the book is like art, and it’s also energetic at same time. David explains that he created the book having in mind “What else is possible for the world?” I knew this idea from Access Consciousness, which I teach: “What else is possible?” is a question we use to open possibilities. I felt that David’s question expresses the movements of his soul. What a beautiful coincidence! I saw that he was thinking like me, and at the same time I acknowledged that we all have our own particular experiences of self-discovery. Awesome! I like to find people who have the courage to follow the energy that creates more and the courage to access much more of life.

Back to the book. Its meaning is that if we spend some time looking at the pictures, we began to feel energetic transformation. You can relax and appreciate the art, then the energy will become part of you. This is for open-minded people who are used to asking questions of the energies of things around them.

I took my time to appreciate the “pic-nergies” in the book. I just created this word (a neologism) to describe the energies that we can draw from pictures. I stayed for a long time with each drawing, receiving it completely without my conscious mind. David is able to put so much vibration into each word, each phrase. Jacques Derrida says that words are pregnant with meaning. David’s word-drawings are so pregnant with delightful energies that you wish to live inside the drawing.

In this exercise of receiving the drawings, I spent the most time working with Instant Harmoney. First of alI, I like the idea: harmony with money. Another neologism. How many people are living with money issues? My impressions of money changed as I received the image. I began to see and interpret money differently, not “trying” to put a new meaning on it, but simply receiving its energy. I relaxed, admired, felt. Only it.

After several minutes I began to see an entirely new message. Instant Harmoney made me feel as if I were at the top of a valley, a privileged observer. I saw the valley as a gigantic child on her knees, admiring the ecosystem, admiring every bug’s life. I saw the valley like God looking at all the beautiful gardens He created. I saw, way beyond money, the energy of creation and abundance.

This is why I say that in David’s work we can access the cosmos. I cannot even begin to describe the subjective and deep unconscious transformation I was able to receive. Only my soul knows it.

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I highly recommend David’s book for people who love beauty and high themes; who love to be lost in gardens of infinite possibilities. It’s a book to appreciate every day, to taste every single bit of its colorful and vibrational information.

Tânia Braga Guimarães



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Consciousness Facilitator. Phd in Languages Studies. Buddhist inside. Crazy outside. Dreamer. Can call me Taniá. Facilitadora de Consciência.

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Tânia Braga Guimarães

Tânia Braga Guimarães

Consciousness Facilitator. Phd in Languages Studies. Buddhist inside. Crazy outside. Dreamer. Can call me Taniá. Facilitadora de Consciência.

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